SIA-F Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection Relay

SIA-F-SIA-F Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection Relay

Sipariş No : SIA-F

SIA relays are designed to protect the Secondary Transformer and Distribution Substations of Electrical Networks. Easy commissioning and start-up of installations, and management in adverse conditions.

SIA-F Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection Relay

Protection Function ANSI     Protection Function ANSI
Instantaneous Phase Overcurrent 50P     Instantaneous Neutral Overcurrent 50N/G
Inverse Time Phase Overcurrent 50/51P     Inverse Time Neutral Overcurrent 50/51N/G
Cold Load Pickup CLP     Lockout Relay 86
Cable thermal overload protection - T > 49/49T     Circuit Breaker Failure / Monitoring 52/50BF
Trip Block For Switch Disconnector       Programmable Logic  
Auxiliary supply (110-230 Vac / 90-300 Vdc or 24-48 Vdc).
Low power cosumption (0.5W, 24Vdc)
Non volatile RAM memory to store up to 200 events
2 Input – 3 Output
USB connection on the front, Modbus RTU communication protocol.
Possibility of external battery power supply (KITCOM)




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