AQ F201 Over Current & Earth Fault Relay

AQ F201-AQ F201 Over Current & Earth Fault Relay

Sipariş No : AQ F201

The AQ-F201 offers a compact solution for any application requiring non-directional overcurrent and earth-fault protection. Selection of supportive functions for protection, measurement, monitoring, control and communication along with large programmable HMI guarantee the best in class price performance ratio for basic range of relays.

AQ F201 Over Current & Earth Fault Relay

Protection Function ANSI     Protection Function ANSI
Three-phase overcurrent protection INST,DT or IDMT - I> ... I>>> 50/51     Low or high-impedance restricted earth-fault / cable end differential protection - I0d> 87N
Residual overcurrent protection INST, DT or IDMT - I0> ... I0>>> 50/51N     CT supervision- CTS  
Harmonic overcurrent protection / inrush blocking INST, DT or IDMT - Ixh > ... Ixh >>> 50/51h/68h     Switch onto fault logic  
Cold load pick-up block – CLPU 68     Breaker failure protection - CBFP 50BF/52BF
Current unbalance / broken conductor protection INST, DT or IDMT - I2 (I/I1)>...I2 (I/I1)>>>> 46/46R/46L        
  • Large customizable HMI with configurable Mimic diagram
  • 16 freely configurable multi-colour LEDs with user description selectable texts
  • 3 Inputs - 6 Outputs 
  • Up to 15000 events in permanent flash memory, 60MB memory for disturbance records and user files
  • IEC 101,IEC 103, IEC 104, Modbus, DNP 3.0, SPA
  • NTP, Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to IEEE 1588
  • Sub-cycle instantaneous trip times
  • Frequency independent protection at 6…75Hz




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