GL17(EX) Integral Motor Protection - Explosive Areas

GL17(EX) Integral Motor Protection - Explosive Areas-GL17(EX) Integral Motor Protection - Explosive Areas

Sipariş No : GL17(EX) Integral Motor Protection - Explosive Areas

These relays are applicable for EEx motors with intensities of up to 630A and above, which run in potentially explosive areas such as: Petrochemical industries, Plastics factories, Etc. Motor protection in explosive or hazardous areas

GL17(EX) Integral Motor Protection - Explosive Areas

This relay is specially applicable to protect motor which need dependable and accurate protection relays for every type of start (trip classes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35): Motor Control Centre (MCC), Pumps, Compressors, Ventilators, Centrifugal machines, Conveyor belts, Cranes, Valves, Air conditioning, Machine tools, Industrial Refrigeration and in general for those motors requiring complete protection where over temperature (by means of PTC sensor) and incorrect phase sequence protection is required. This relay is installed outside the explosive area. 
Model Code Range Motor 400V
Aux. Supply 230V Aux. Supply 115V (A) HP kW
GL17(EX) 10723 10722 5 – 17,7 3 – 10 2,2 - 7,5
  • Certificates for use as category 3 –Directive ATEX 94/9/EC
  • For 3-phase motors up to 1000 Vac
  • Currents from 1,5 to 630 A and higher
  • With thermal memory
  • Visual indication of tripping cause
Protection Functions
  • Overload
  • Phase imbalance or phase loss
  • Overtemperature




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