Dual-axis Tracking System

Dual-axis Tracking System

Dual-axis Tracking System
  • Maximum power: 17.82kW

  • Tracking methods: Dual-axis tracking
  • Tracking accuracy: ≤±0.02°
  • Tracking-driven power: 20W
  • Rotation angle at the level: 360°
  • Pitch angle: 180°
  • Network area: 134.8 m²
  • Weight: 4.9T
  • Anti-wind speed: 35m/s

  • Mechanical life: 30 years 
Maximum Power: 17.82KW
Tracking Mode: Double Axes Tracking
Tracking Precision: ≦±0.02°
Driving Power: 20Watt
Horizontal Rotation Angle: 360°
Pitching Angle: 180°
Net Rack Area: 134.8㎡
Weight: 4.9T
Rated Wind Velocity: 35m/s
Mechanical Life: 30 Years

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