AQ E215 Energy Management Relay

AQ E215-AQ E215 Energy Management Relay

Sipariş No : AQ E215

AQ E215 energy mangement IED is developed for distribution automation smart grid applications. The AQ E215 provides a unique combination of accurate power and energy measurement of class 0.2S and fault pass through indications and remote communication and control.

AQ E215 Energy Management Relay

AQ E215 energy mangement IED is developed for distribution automation smart grid applications. The AQ E215 provides a unique combination of  accurate power and energy measurement of class 0.2S and fault pass through indications and remote communication and control. This feature set makes AQ E215 perfect fit for secondary distribution monitoring and control applications. The AQ E215 may be equipped with additional I/O depending on application needs. The AQ E215 can be connected to conventional CTs and VTs or non-conventional low power current and voltage sensors. Easy to use and powerful logic programming expands further the application range to more demanding control, alarm and indication needs. Up to three optional I/O or communication cards can be inserted. Large freely programmable HMI display provides quick visualization of the object, alarm and event status. The AQ E215 communicates using various protocols including IEC 61850 substation communication standard.
Potection Function ANSI     Protection Function ANSI
Overcurrent/short-circuit 50/51     Directional earth-fault 67N
Non-directional (sensitive) earth fault 50N(S)     Intermittent/transient earth-fault 67NT
Directional Overcurrent 67     Residual Voltage 59N
Undervoltage / voltage presence 27     Fault Locator 21FL
Key Characteristics
  • 16 freely programmable LEDs for alarm annunciation
  • Event list (15000 latest events)
  • Disturbance recorder
  • Object control (up to 5 objects)
  • 3 phase current CT inputs (1/5A software settable)
  • 2 residual current CT inputs (1/5A and 0.2/1A software settable)
  • 4 VT inputs
  • 3 externally wetted digital inputs with software settable treshold voltage as standart
  • 4 NO digital outputs and 1 NO/NC digital output as standard
  • Up to 6 slots for extented I/O (8DI or 5 DO per slot)
  • RJ 45 and RS 485 communications as standard
  • Double fiber Ethernet communication as an option (reserves 1 I/O slot)
  • IEC 61850, IEC 103, DNP 3.0 and Modbus communications as standard




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